When we were developing the Mask Shield, our biggest concerns was whether the Mask Shield actually helped prevent the spread of moisture droplets that can carry respiratory illness such as COVID-19

To answer this question our lead engineer put it to the test.  He is a test engineer, with over a dozen publications and 11 years of experience performing tests like this. He used a high speed photography rig and special lights to measure vapor droplets from sneezes. He analyzed the data by removing frames without vapor droplets and using a binary threshold of 64 on a 255 unit scale. 


A sample of our testing data. Left: no mask Center: Mask Shield Right: Cloth mask used over the Mask Shield 

And what were the results? On its own, the mask shield prevented the spread of 81% of visible vapor droplets. When combined with a traditional mask it stopped 99% of visible droplets.

So the mask shield is an effective way to prevent the spread of airborne droplets while staying comfortable.  The Mask shield is intended to be used two ways. Wear it alone when convenience is needed and crowds are light.  Use it with your favorite mask for the best protection when you are in close quarters.