Wearing a mask is an important way to prevent the spread of illness. But for some people masks can be uncomfortable. The elastic bands pull on your ears and push the fabric up against your face. This can cause soreness and irritation, especially if you are among the many essential workers who must wear a mask for eight hours or more every day.

The Mask Shield is designed to solve these problems. It is lightweight and fits comfortably just like a pair of glasses. Because there are no elastic bands pulling on you, it's as comfortable to wear for a few minutes as it is for 8 hours. The patent pending hooks make it easy to keep your mask in place without any tugging on your ears or nose.

Listen to what Marli had to say about her experience wearing one for a whole shoot.

Marli told us that that Mask Shield made putting on a mask as simple as donning a pair of glasses. The shield keeps the mask away from your face, so the only contact points are where the Mask shield rests on the bridge of your nose and on your ears. Additional silicone nose pads are included to help you achieve a comfortable fit.

We believe in the importance of masking up and we know you do too. We think the Mask Shield is so comfortable that it will encourage people to mask up a little more often. To hear more from our customers check out our testimonials page.