Many people complain that wearing a mask can make it hard to breath. The Mask Shield solves this problem by creating more room between the mask and your face. But people often wonder if it's really easier to breathe in the Mask Shield than with a cloth mask. They wonder if it feels constricting and uncomfortable to breathe in.  We wanted to know that too while we were designing it.  So we put it to the toughest test we could think of: we gave it to a collegiate sprinter named James Fell and had him work out in it.  To test the breathability of the Mask Shield, we had James sprint 400 meters in a cloth mask.  Then we had him sprint 400 meters wearing just the Mask Shield, followed by another 400 meter sprint with a cloth mask worn over the top of the Mask Shield.  As you can see James was pretty exhausted by the end of all this! 

The results from this test were better than we had even hoped.  Wearing the Mask Shield didn't inhibit James' breathing and he said it was very comfortable to breathe in, even when wearing a cloth mask over the Mask Shield during a heavy sprint. We asked him after his last lap if he wanted to take it off while he catches his breath and he said that he was breathing just fine with it on. Another benefit we noticed was that the Mask Shield stayed firmly in place on James' head even when he was running at a full sprint.  So not only does the Mask Shield make it easier to breathe, but it stays in place even when you are being active. 

Our team went through many design iterations to figure out the right size that would allow for maximum breathability without being a big and bulky product.  The result is a low- profile shield that doesn't get in your way or restrict your mobility. Yet, it gives you enough room to breath easily.